Killarney National Park, a Ladies View, and a Haunted Church


We continued our drive through Killarney National Park and found many treasures along the way. From a Ladies View, a haunted church, multiple leprechaun sightings, and of course, more sheep ūüėČ

Ladies View

Ladies View is about 12 miles from Killarney on the N71 road as you go towards Kenmare. The view here is probably the best known of Killarney and is a major attraction for visitors. Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting visited here during the royal visit in 1861. They were so taken with the view that it was named after them. The Irish Times ranked Ladies View as one of the most photographed places in Ireland

A Haunted Church

Derrycunnihy Church is 120-years old and sits about halfway between the famous tunnel and Ladies View on N71 in the heart of Killarney National Park. The old church has long since been abandoned but is currently going through renovations. Many years ago, a girl died when she was knocked off her bicycle outside the church on her way home.¬† It has been mentioned that a young girl dressed in white can still be seen wandering around outside the church late at night and if you ask the locals, they’ll tell you that she’s still trying to make her way home. There have also been many reports over the years that the ‘girl in white’ appears INSIDE passing cars. We did not meet this little girl, but we did manage to capture images of this stunning church.

Killarney National Park and Leprechaun Crossings

While hiking this area, we found quite a few breathtaking views which of course, included more sheep ūüėČ

I hope you enjoyed the stop! I am thankful for my family and friends; stay safe everyone!

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Killarney National Park, County Kerry – Ireland

We awoke to our tenth day in Ireland and after spending two nights at the Hillcrest Farmhouse, we needed to move on. It was going to be a long day full of adventure, so we started our day with the most delicious Irish Breakfast.  We headed to the sheep pastures that were located within minutes of our B & B which are just inside the boundaries of Killarney National Park. I absolutely adored spending time with the sheep; all of their different personalities just made me smile. Killarney National Park is a truly magical place and is so full of beauty and wonder.

Killarney National Park¬†(Irish:¬†P√°irc N√°isi√ļnta Chill Airne), near the town of¬†Killarney,¬†County Kerry, was the first¬†national park¬†in¬†Ireland, created when the¬†Muckross Estate¬†was donated to the¬†Irish Free State¬†in 1932.¬†The park has since been substantially expanded and encompasses over 25,425 acres of diverse ecology, including the¬†Lakes of Killarney,¬†oak¬†and¬†yew¬†woodlands of international importance, and mountain peaks. It has the only¬†red deer herd on mainland Ireland and is the most extensive covering of¬†native forest¬†remaining in Ireland. The park is of high ecological value because of the quality, diversity, and extensiveness of many of its habitats and the wide variety of¬†species¬†that they accommodate, some of which are¬†rare. The park was designated a¬†UNESCO¬†Biosphere Reserve¬†in 1981. ~ Wikipedia