The Castle and a Mill – County Cork, Ireland

Leaving Killarney National Park was bittersweet; however, this was just the beginning of the adventure for this day. I knew we had many more opportunities to become awestruck as one never knows when they happen to come across a ruined castle in Ireland 😉

Carrigaphooca Castle or “Castle on the Rock of the Fairy” is a ruined five story rectangular tower house situated on a steep-sided rock overlooking the River Sullane. Located just west of Macroom, the tower dominates the landscape is is hard to miss. Carrigaphooca is made of sandstone and limestone and was built as a defensive tower by MacCarthy clan member, Donal MacCarthy of Drishane. The structure is positioned in an area rich with neolithic monuments; a stone circle lies two fields to the east. Wikipedia

Bealick Mill

Built by the Harding family in the closing years of the eighteenth century, its first years of business were busy meeting the increased grain demands which arose due to the Napoleonic wars. Corn and milling created prosperity in the area at the time, as farmers had a ready market for their crop, while the mills provided employment. In 1899 the power of the mill wheel was harnessed to provide electricity to the town, and it is thought that Macroom was one of the first towns in the country with electric street lighting.

Bealick Mill has recently been restored and is now a fully functional mill and heritage center. Visitors can now enjoy the tranquil lawns around the mill or venture inside to view its intricate mechanics. The mill also houses a gift shop selling produce from local artists and craft workers and a famine exhibition.

See you all at our next stop!

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2 thoughts on “The Castle and a Mill – County Cork, Ireland

  1. Great photos. The castle tower looks like it is set in a beautiful area.

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