The Long Lost Album

Found… The long lost album.  Over a year old, I still remember this album well; coming across this one was a fun find which brought back wonderful memories.  We ran across a few faces, and a couple of properties left behind on this day.  Both of the furry girls pictured are not with us today, but are still missed, and what we think is a 2-story schoolhouse was a chance find. Driving down the country roads in Wisconsin, I happened to spot the bell tower of this magnificent building; we stopped and captured what we could.  Unfortuately, both Dan and I could not find much information on this building, but I know there is history here. Someday, it would be interesting to find out more about this property, but then again, we would have to find it again 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Long Lost Album

  1. Dan Traun says:

    That was a very unique church/school; I wish the neighboring tenant would have been of a warmer and friendly nature. I sure miss those puppy kids.

  2. terraburrah says:

    Those puppy kids sure look happy to be included in your adventures. Beautiful photos, I remember a few of them – I think.

  3. Aaron says:

    Interesting and fun photography!

  4. Jane Lurie says:

    What an eclectic and beautiful mix of images, Cyndie. The smiling Llama is great along with your keen eye for color and textures.

  5. The llama photos are great, as is that old church or schoolhouse. I remember your little buggers, seemed like great travel companions!

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