What is Good for the Goose

On this day, Dan and I decided to take a short trip and venture down to Reads Landing in Southeast MN.  We followed the mighty Mississippi as it twists southbound from Red Wing; our first stop was a small beach in Old Frontenac.

This small town was originally established in 1857 with the name Westervelt, the name changed in 1860 to Frontenac by brothers who owned large tracts of land in the area.  At that time, Frontenac soon began to attract wealthy residents and became a community of summer homes with Lakeside views of Lake Pepin.  Frontenac is indeed a beautiful little town, we visit Frontenac State Park often and will stop by the little beach on occasion.  On this day, the girls had fun in the sun and sand.

Frontenac Map

Heading south on Hwy 61, our next stop was Lake City.  We did not stay long but had enough time to walk the marina to see the sails that are waiting for warmer weather.

Lake City Map

Our final destination was Reads Landing, MN and Reads Landing Brewing Company.  Originally founded in the mid 1800’s, Reads Landing soon grew to a major river town located at the mouth of Lake Pepin.  In the late 1880’s the town began decline and most businesses relocated to Wabasha.  Interesting fact:  According to Wikipedia, “At one time Reads Landing was considered a possible site for the Minnesota State Capital.”  Although there is not much left in Reads Landing, it is home to Reads Landing Brewing Company.  I would recommend a stop in to try some of their hometown craft brew and a snack.

Reads Landing Map

The birds were out, the sun was shining, and we all had such a wonderful time making memories that will last a lifetime.


21 thoughts on “What is Good for the Goose

  1. avian101 says:

    You’re very talented Cynthia, you have great eye for composition and criteria for visual impact. You should shoot more often. Thanks for the nice post! 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    Love these! I feel like I went on a little adventure with you guys 🙂

  3. The puppies are so adorable ! And love the series of the vintage signs. Such a wonderful day you had.

  4. V-Light says:

    Lovely photos Cynthia! 😀 Looks like you had a great and inspiring time there! I really like the photos of all the beautiful birds and the vintage ad signs! Weird to think that these things could be combined but looking through your gallery it was flawless! Have a great week!

  5. Sometimes it is just fun (and memorable) to just get out and take a drive.

  6. Dan Traun says:

    Memories that will last a lifetime indeed. It is always great to get out and shoot with you and the girls. I highly recommend the spicy bloodymary from Reads Landing Brewing Company; it has a quite a kick.

  7. Great photos Cyndie, it definitely sounds like it would make for a fun day trip. Need to check out that brewery too. Also, geese freak me out. I’m not the only one right?

  8. Tina Schell says:

    Oddly Cynthia, the photos come up in the home page but not when one clicks on the actual post 😦 Anyway, fun post – thanks for sharing!

  9. joshi daniel says:

    beautiful pictures and great faded look 🙂

  10. Make Something Mondays says:

    That first picture is strangely captivating. I think its the texture and contrast in the neck of the goose. Wow…

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