The Pasque Flower


The Pasque Flower
Genus: Anemone
Species: patens

The Pasque flower is plentiful in the wild. It can be seen any where from northwest U.S. to northern Alaska, and is the state flower of South Dakota. In Red Wing, MN we mainly notice these plants growing in the bare and sometimes rocky ground of the bluffs surrounding this area. The flower is found close to the ground among the old grasses of last year. It’s lavender petals and leaves are covered in fine silky hairs, which help to insulate it in the sometimes cold temperatures of Spring in the north. The flower is a welcome sight that triggers the notion of warmer days ahead.



10 thoughts on “The Pasque Flower

  1. Anne Olson says:

    Beautiful Cyndie !

  2. Jane Lurie says:

    These are marvelous, Cynthia. Your close-up compositions are artistic and beautifully shot.

  3. What a beautiful flower, and great shots to capture such beauty! You found the beauty again Cyndie. 😉

  4. Betty says:

    Great shots and such a lovely flower.

  5. joshi daniel says:

    superb details and beauty 🙂

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