Our Saviors Church

Driving the backroads in and around your community does have its surprises like- this little gem.  Back in early 2014, Dan and I were out on a little trip with the girls (Tindra and Audrey) and stumbled across this charming country church.   Our Saviors Church, or the Historic Woodside Place, is an old wooden church built in the year 1888.  This church was moved to its new location at 2053 County Rd N, in Baldwin, Wisconsin after sitting vacant for years on a property about 1/2 mile west if its new location.  The new owners have done a wonderful job restoring this old beauty and offer the facility for weddings or other special occasions.

historic churchImage above provided by the Historic Woodside Place Facebook page

We enjoyed our day and found this country treasure just as the sun was passing the steeple.  Another reminder that there are wonders where you least expect it!

Have a great week!



14 thoughts on “Our Saviors Church

  1. V-Light says:

    Magnificent photos! 😀 Cannot help but love this church, 8 is my favorite number and there are too many 8’s in 1888 😀 Have a nice week Cynthia!

  2. Kiki says:

    Love the way you captured this church, absolutely beautiful shot!

  3. Dan Traun says:

    Great photo of the church; that sun is rounding the spire of the steeple perfectly. I miss those two traveling companions of ours.

  4. Beautiful. I love old country churches. Such a joy to discover and so photogenic.

  5. avian101 says:

    Nice work Cynthia! 🙂

  6. What a beautiful church, I love how you incorporated the sun. 🙂
    The historic photograph was a nice addition, excellent to see the building stand the test of time.

  7. Old country churches are among my favorite places to visit and photograph. This one is lovely and I’m thankful someone has saved it. You are right about noticing what is in your backyard.

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