The Duluth, Missabe, and Iron Range Railway

Composite by Sometimes Interesting

Dan and I did not know the complete history behind the Duluth, Missabe, Iron Range Railway – until now.  In 2013, Dan and I came across an extensive abandoned building while in Two Harbors, MN; our hearts raced as we arrived on the site.  We were lucky enough to be able to photograph this location in all of its splendid decay. This building will be forever imprinted in our minds as it was our very first urban/industrial abandoned site.  We have mostly explored abandoned homes/farmsteads in the countrysides of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota.

A very talented writer and fellow blogger whose posts can be viewed at Sometimes Interesting, wrote an extensive piece on the Duluth, Missabe, Iron Range Railway; he has restored old life into these more recent photographs as seen below within the gallery and in Dan’s original post: [ Dan Traun’s original post from 2013-07-22].  We are deeply appreciative of the time and effort that Sometimes Interesting put into Ghosts of the Duluth, Missabe, and Iron Range Railway.

For fifty years the depot and roundhouse in Two Harbors sat abandoned, reminding of an era driven by coal and iron. The site was eventually razed, but not before photographers Dan & Cynthia Traun were able to visit and capture the buildings as they appeared in their final days.  Source: Sometimes Interesting

Sometimes Interesting is all about uncovering the history of the abandoned, forgotten, and unexplained.  Spend some time delving into this site; you will be absolutely captivated by the research performed and his writing talent.

Composite by Sometimes Interesting

The vibrations from the ghost machinery, the history that trickled from the deteriorating walls, the past whispers heard from the employees who worked in this magnificent historical building, have forever been silenced as these buildings are no longer standing.  All that will remain are the memories, photographs, and stories told through the many people who have been touched by its presence. Please enjoy my photographs taken from the exploration of this site below, stop and take a peek the images my husband, Dan Traun, had captured in  Dan Traun’s original post from 2013-07-22, then read the extensive history behind this magnificent building by visiting the site of Somtimes Interesting- Ghosts of the Duluth, Missabe, and Iron Range Railway.



33 thoughts on “The Duluth, Missabe, and Iron Range Railway

  1. Joe says:

    Spectacular series of images Cynthia 🙂

  2. I agree spectacular.

  3. Blondie says:

    Amazing photos.

  4. avian101 says:

    What a terrific essay, you make beauty emerge from the ruins of these old and dilapidated buildings! Great work Cynthia! 🙂

  5. Thank you! Words cannot explain the feeling this building shared with us!

  6. el Zaphod says:

    Once again , amazing.
    I have come to a conclusion , I need a photo buddy

  7. Thanks! Photo buddies are pretty awesome 🙂

  8. eduardolibby says:

    Powerful place! Good photography.

  9. Dan Traun says:

    Two words – Amazing & Unforgettable; both the experience and your images.

  10. Great shots for what seems to have been a canvas for graffiti artists for some time. I love the openness and massive structural details you have here. Looks like a place I’d love to explore…

  11. V-Light says:

    I absolutely love deserted places and your collection of photos really takes me there Cynthia! 😀 I love that you photographed the details as well and not only a general idea of this place, it really brings it to life!

  12. Beautiful as always Cyn! And I had to chuckle…the summary of your post in my email had things flowing together so it read… “Composite by sometimes interesting Dan…” hahaha 🙂

  13. Thanks Cynthia, it was a privilege and pleasure to work with you and Dan on this project! You guys really told the story with the fantastic photos, those tell such a better story.

    I’m now wishing I would have used a gallery on the post to show more of yours and Dan’s images, too many great photos to not include them all. 🙂

    • The pleasure was all ours! The gift you give the reader is the historical account that is told. Bravo SI.. Bravo to another well done write up! Thanks again for all your hard work- and readers… Don’t forget to stop in and take a peak around his site:

  14. Make Something Mondays says:

    Wow, I absolutely love these! The graffiti and the moss in the rooms makes for quite the photograph. Looks like you guys had quite the adventure!

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