Ohhhhh Wilbur

Last week, we said goodbye to one amazing little buddy. Wilbur was rescued from a neglect situation after he was brought into the veterinary clinic I used to work for. Dr. Darlene Cook, from The Bluffs Pet Clinic, re-attached the poor little guys ear flap that was lacerated after a tight bracelet was left on his head for far too long. The bracelet had grown into the back of his head and had cut into his ear which left only 1/4 of his ear flap attached to the body.  Dr. Cook did one incredible job as the ear, and the back of his neck, healed completely! Throughout his treatment he remained in good spirits, not a mean bone in his body.

I knew that Wilbur would be a great addition to our family and brought him home shortly after his ear reconstruction surgery. His personality shined throughout his life. He spent a good 12 years in our family and brought a smile to our face every single day. He was a clown as most Dachshunds are.  Not so much of a trouble maker as girls (Audrey and Tindra) were, but he was right there in the action when the time was right. He had such a peppy gait and a silly demeanor that when he would walk into a room, you just had to think… here comes Goofy or Mr. Wilbur. 😉


He was also the worlds best photo bomber:


Wilbur was the best little mole hunter ever and would be so proud when he caught one. With his head held high, he always had to bringing us his prize. Wilbur was the last of the three musketeers- Tindra, Audrey, and Wilbur. Losing the three within 6 months has been hard, but I know we will all see them someday.

Farewell little buddy, you are greatly missed.

Farewell, Spoonful of Stars (Tindra)

Farewell, My Fair Lady (Audrey)


16 thoughts on “Ohhhhh Wilbur

  1. Rosalie Wagner says:

    Sorry for your loss, you gave that dog a good life.

  2. Jane Lurie says:

    Aw, sorry for your loss. Wilbur looks like a sweet little guy. This is a nice tribute, Cynthia.

  3. Joe says:

    So sorry for your loss Cynthia.

  4. Dan Traun says:

    He was a special black & tan puppy kid full of all kinds of character. I am going to miss the lil fella.

  5. Always such a loss, but remember the good life you gave him (them) and the repayment back to you with interest.

  6. Anne Olson says:

    So sorry for your loss, You & Dan have made such a wonderful home for so many animals, that are blessed to have you !

  7. This has been a tough time for you, I think, losing two dogs in such a short time. I lost my beloved Dalmatian Zack in August – and haven’t had the heart to write or anything else in the interim. They (our dogs) bring so much to our lives and it is heart-wrenching to let them go. My only solace is that I was able to let him go in peace. I hope you were able to do the same.

    • Thank you for your kind words Lori. I am also sorry to hear of your loss of Zack. They do give us so much unconditional love, so much so, that we can never repay them. I do believe we meet up with them some day… Until then, we hold them close in our hearts. Take care.

  8. So sorry for your loss Cyndie. Wilbur was such a great little buddy! Loved his personality and laid back “tude”. 🙂

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