North Dakota Ghosts- The old school in Forbes, North Dakota

Dan and I were on a mission to find abandoned properties near Fargo, North Dakota as we were heading north on a business trip last year.  My father grew up north of Fargo in the small town of Crookston, MN and I still have family living in Moorhead, MN.  What a great way to mix business with pleasure and take some extra time to explore this area and visit some family.

Stumbling upon (take some time to stop by their website), we were surprised to see just how many towns, excuse me,  ghost towns, North Dakota actually has.  The decline of the small town in North Dakota and how they have captured these sites before they disappear off the land forever was inspiring to both Dan and I.  The trip sounded interesting, exciting, and educational all at the same time.  We grabbed the Gazetteer and planned our route of the road less traveled.

Northeast North Dakota, although flat, has its own beauty.  There may not be majestic mountains, enormous river gorges, or the sounds and tranquility of the ocean waves in this part of the world.  However, the flat land makes its own palette as shades of the blue sky, and the green, yellow, and gold in the fields combine to make art.  The sound you hear, is the song of the tall grass as it sways in the wind, or the flutter of wings of the migrating birds.  Perhaps it is the silence… at least that is what we encountered in the northeast portion of the State.

Our plan was to see some of these ghost towns that speak of and to capture a piece of these sites before nature takes over and slowly deteriorates the walls that provide strength to a structure.  Follow the abandoned rails, and you will see what was left behind.  Oh, the stories that these small towns can tell.

For the next few posts, I will share the sites we encountered.

Forbes, ND

Welcome to Forbes, North Dakota.  Founded in 1905, the population at the 2010 Census was 53.  

According to a former student, the school closed its doors in 1987 and is now left to decay.  Walking through the halls, you can almost hear the laughter of the children and the wisdom of the teachers as they guide their students through the coursework.  The grass on the playground is tall and the chains have now succumbed rust.  The ceilings crumble, the paint is peeling, and the moss grows rampant.  Soon, she will be gone.


12 thoughts on “North Dakota Ghosts- The old school in Forbes, North Dakota

  1. Great series of photos of the school. That place was all a mess of color and textures – all of which you captured and processed suburbly. I am looking forward to the rest of your photos from that trip – as I remember it was many miles and lots abandoned locations.

  2. kkred says:

    You have such a beautiful gift of telling a story and putting your reader there with you as you capture the image into immortality. Great series – looking forward to seeing the next part.

  3. Jan says:

    Excellent photos and writing skills. You make me feel like I was there with you !

    • Thank you for your kind words! It is always nice to hear that words can transport someone else into a different world 🙂 I would also have to say that when this happens, it is a nice escape. Thanks again!

  4. Heather says:

    interesting series…it always makes me wonder what has happened for buildings to end up in such disrepair…if only the walls could talk!

  5. […] North Dakota Ghosts- The old school in Forbes, North Dakota Abandoned Outside Forbes, ND Following the rails of North Dakota North Dakota Shines […]

  6. BV says:

    Wow. Fantastic photos. But the subject is so sad. And what a waste…. could not others use what had been left behind?

  7. If you are ever in need of an old school house in South Dakota, let me know. My parents have an 85 year old school that is mostly empty and has good picture taking spots!

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