Augusta, Wisconsin

On this particular morning, Dan and I had discussed traveling to the area of Augusta, WI.  The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for a photography outing, so we packed up the car with photography gear (and the girls) and headed on our merry way.

Augusta WI map

Augusta, Wisconsin is a small community situated between rolling valleys in central Wisconsin and is part of a region known as Chippewa Valley.  The area is beautiful, full of river valleys and streams, rolling hills, marshes, forests, and bountiful farmland.  We were also drawn to this area due to its Amish settlement and Dells Mill (both of which will be mentioned in later posts).

On this day, we were lucky enough to spy not only one, but two, abandoned farmsteads, a thriving Amish community, and a new industry popping up in this area.  The outcome was a fun filled day of a variety of photography, a realization of the impact of man’s consumer needs, and two very tired pups.  Please enjoy the first of three posts regarding this area.  This post will focus on the two abandoned farmsteads we just happened to stumble upon this day.


Amish Tours at The Wood Shed 
(715) 286-5404, 105 West Lincoln Street (Hwy 12 East), Augusta, WI 54722

Dells Mill Tour – Water Powered Museum Tour
(715) 286-2714, Museum is 5 miles North on County Road V, Augusta, WI 54722

15 thoughts on “Augusta, Wisconsin

  1. That was indeed a great trip and you have produced some wonderful photos again. I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

  2. Joe says:

    I must say Cynthia I am amazed at the number of abandoned farmhouses you and Dan come across. As usual the photos are awesome.

    • We are lucky to run into so many 🙂 We have found that WI is more bountiful than MN (at least within 2-3 hours from our home). North Dakota ont he other hand… A place you might want to visit!

  3. MikeP says:

    As with Dan’s blog… thanks for including background and maps. As i am a map guy and believe it or not I will stop and ask for directions. 🙂
    The comp in the first barn shot is spot on and w/clouds… great near to far shots to complete the journey…. oh… almost forgot… sleeping dogs. Kinda how i feel at the end of my trips!!!!!

  4. myronshenk says:

    Great photos! You do a great job capturing these old buildings. I’m a huge fan of old buildings like this…we have a bunch here in VA and I love snooping around and finding inspiration in them.

  5. I love how you capture abandoned places Cynthia, your composition is fantastic! I liked 3407 & 3412 very much. 3408 is so appealing, the picture makes me want to go there.

    Yikes, what was that on top of the doorway in 3414? 🙂

  6. 3rdstorey says:

    This collection is so beautiful and moody. Gorgeous work.

  7. Tina Schell says:

    Wonderful shots. Particularly like the shot with the old truck!

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