A restored 1800’s village, tubers, and a Amish Community.

While some of the group from the Red Wing Photography Club was well underground touring Mystery Cave, Jeff, Dan and I were traipsing through the back roads of Southeastern MN.  After the groups photography tour of Mystery Cave, we met up above ground and proceeded to our next stop… Historic Forestville.  This restored 1800’s village is operated by the Minnesota Historical Society and has some great photo opportunities.

Lunch time 🙂 A stop in Lanesboro, MN was needed to fuel our bodies and of course to photograph the surroundings…  A hidden treasure, this small town is nestled in the Bluffs of the Root River Valley and offers that hometown appeal with spectacular views.  A must stop if ever in the area.

As Dan and I broke away from the group and made our way back home, we ran into many interesting sites and an Amish community.  I still remember us driving down a dirt road when, off in the distance,  we noticed two horses and their riders headed our way.  The car slowed and eventually came to a rolling stop as the riders approached.   The riders, probably brothers, one on a horse and the other on a pony, were Amish boys.  Both boys were waving “hello” and had a grin on their face from ear to ear as they came barreling past our stopped vehicle.  A site not captured on film but saved in the memory banks of our mind forever.   The friendliness and hard work of an Amish community will forever amaze me.

All and all, the day was filled with many surprises, laughter, and learning.   Thanks to Dan, Amy, Jeff, Kendall, Ken, and Linnae (friends and fellow members of the Red Wing Photography Club) for the great adventure!!  I hope to take part in many more group trips this year!

11 thoughts on “A restored 1800’s village, tubers, and a Amish Community.

  1. kasturika says:

    This is beautiful set… Its hard to pick a favourite 🙂

  2. That abandoned property had terrific character and you have some great shot per usual. This was a great day and fun trip.

  3. Joe says:

    WoW Cynthia, love all of them. Just beautiful.

  4. These are fantastic images. I agree with Joe. They are all wonderful and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

  5. Thank you! Have a great day 🙂

  6. MikeP says:

    Very nice set… your attention to detail and telling a story in your pics is very evident. Love Dan and the rooster… my favs are the barn and beehives …. Amish mans portrait.

  7. Great set! My favorites are 3218 and 3222. Makes me want to go there. 🙂

  8. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Cynthia, I love this set– a very fruitful day of shooting. The windows with the curtains blowing really caught my eye as did many others. Well done.

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