The Round Barn, Red Wing, MN

After our trip touring the countryside in Wisconsin for round barns last April, we decided to contact a local Bed and Breakfast, which just happens to be called The Round Barn.  Robin and Elaine Kleffman, owners of the The Round Barn Bed and Breakfast and restored round barn, were gracious enough to give us a private tour of the facilities.

I could not say enough of the hospitality of the owners and the history involved with astonishing example of architecture. The round barn was originally built in 1915 by Henry and Mary Dammon for their dairy cattle, and subsequently used as a honey processing facility by Earl and Retha Griffith.  The barn has been renovated and is used for wedding receptions, dances, parties and reunions.

The house was built on a design from 1861 by architect Samuel Sloan and is beyond beautiful.  The charm of the place shines as you drive onto the property and you are filled with tranquility as you step out of your car.  I still would like to taste Robin’s award winning bread as he pulls it from the wood-fired hearth bread oven.

If ever in the area, I would highly recommend a stay!


A photography day in the merry month of May

It’s May now (or was back then), the sun was shining and the birds were singing; what better to do than take a drive out in the country with friends that share the same passion for photography?

Being a part of the Red Wing Photography Club has introduced me to a number of photographers.  Each photographer has their own view on the word and their own different way on how they wish to portray it; to see how another views the world is fun for me and is always a learning experience. Whether the type of photography be Macro, Landscape, Portrait, Street photography, Journalism, or any other type … Well, it is up to the photographer as to how they choose to capture that day, how they wish to capture that moment in time.  The beauty of photography is that the appeal of the photograph is in the eye of the maker and the beholder.

This particular day took us over the Wisconsin way; a hop, skip, and a jump across the mighty Mississippi.  It was nice for Dan and I to meet Norbert Marklin, a very talented and inspiring local photographer.