Our luck continues

It was a good night of fun and laughter; it is always nice to spend time with family.  The wee hours of the morning came a bit too soon and it was time to head back on the road after a much needed breakfast.   We packed up the car, put on sunglasses and headed south for the trip back home.  As it always does, our philosophy that the road less traveled proves to be more exciting held true for the day.

Among the multitude of countryside favorites that we encountered on this day, we ran into the most incredible abandoned farmstead.  One that to this day remains to be my favorite find of this year.  The main barn was an architectural favorite of mine and the photographic opportunities on this property was endless.  Was it the fact that the big city was spreading its wings and pushed this property into abandonment or was it that this once elaborate barn and farmstead had come to an end. Either way, we enjoyed our stay and were thankful for this opportunity before the buildings on this property are reduced to rumble.  I will file this one away in the memory banks.

I invite you to visit Dan’s blog “Back-roadin’ to Alexandria, MN and back” for his take and images from not only this property, but the whole trip as well.


9 thoughts on “Our luck continues

  1. Karen says:

    Cyn, I love following along on your expeditions! Especially since I rarely leave the house. 🙂

  2. I agree with your favorite find of the year declaration. That farm was wonderful. One of the biggest barns I have ever been in. Great photos honey.

  3. Such wonderful and special discoveries ! Thanks for taking us on your journey.

  4. kasturika says:

    The whole collection of photographs is beautiful… An abandoned barn complete with a truck and wardrobe… Why would someone leave behind their possessions?

    • Cyndie says:

      We run into a lot of houses that the possessions are left behind to decay with time. Whether it be that there was no family left to care or pick up the pieces? I am not quite sure but it tells a story of the people that called this place their home- wonderful, wonderful find; I could have spent all day there 🙂 Thanks for stopping!

  5. Lynne Ayers says:

    There are some poignant photos here – particularly the one of the doll house by the back door.

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