Burrrr… A travel back in time

Winter?  Snow? Cold weather?  Yep… I am taking us back there.  This year has flown by fast and I have found myself neglecting albums from this year.  I could bore you all with the details, but to say the least, I have enjoyed this year in photography immensely.

Dan and I have been exploring the countryside of Minnesota and Wisconsin this year and every corner of those dusty dirt and sometimes slippery roads always lead to a surprise or two or three.  It is hard to have a co-pilot in the car when we are both photographers and sometimes, we are not paying attention to small details like seeing a road that we were supposed to take or a corner coming up fast 🙂

These images are from a backroading trip we went on in January of this year.  I still remember the cold little toes and fingers I had traipsing through sometimes knee-high snow drifts to get to our destination’s this winter.  As we were driving along some highway or country road A, B, or C in Wisconsin (Wisconsin’s country roads are all letters of the alphabet), our eyes landed on an abandoned house along side the road.  Without a car insight, we changed our lenses and took off for the house.  A quick little jaunt through the ditch and a maneuver around a barbed-wire fence, then a few more steps to the house… Right?  I have been accused, at times, of noticing all things shiny and this day was not any different.  In the middle of the ditch, was a plant of some type poking its head through the sunlit snow.  The ice crystals that had formed on its leaves caught my eye and I had stopped to try and photograph this sight.  I think I felt Dan’s eyes burning a hole through the back of my head and I turned to look.  There, (and I have no idea how long he had been standing like this) was Dan patiently holding up the barbed-wire fence line for me.  I just smiled and ran towards him, as I passed I think I might have giggled knowing that I sometimes stop to smell the roses sort-to speak at the most inopportune times.

The abandoned houses, farmsteads, and buildings we happen to stumble upon are always unique in their own way and each have their own story to tell.  The light that enters these buildings through broken windows, casting shadows on what is left behind, can be inspiring and exciting all at the same time.  I look forward to posting more of what we have encountered on our trips throughout this past year.

4 thoughts on “Burrrr… A travel back in time

  1. Beautiful Cyn! You are “something shiny” hee hee 🙂 SQUIRREL!!!

  2. That was a great road trip, even as cold as it was. I’ll be right there, for however long you need, holding the barb wire fence up 🙂 Great series baby.

  3. MikeP says:

    Love your take on a place and use of DOF creatively!!

  4. Connie Kraemer says:

    Great blog!!

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