The story behind the images

I grew up loved by wonderful parents who not only encouraged me to be me, but who taught me right from wrong.  I remember all of the laughter, the fun, the support, and all of those little life lessons that we all learn along the way.

My mother is a strong, affectionate, artistically talented woman who has always given the support every young child should have. She has encouraged me to stand when I would fall; brush myself off, and try again.  I have to thank her for believing in me, even when I didn’t.  For all of those times she did, I now know… I can and I will.

My father, who passed away suddenly in 1997, was a hard-working and caring man.  He loved to play tricks on people; maybe that is where I get my sense of humor 🙂  I remember the mud filled Pepsi bottle that was strategically placed in the fridge to drink.  I was peeking my head around the corner as he took a swig out of the bottle; he just looked at me and smiled.  Later that week, I walked through a door that he so carefully placed a bucket of water on top of.  Needless to say… I got a little wet.  He taught me to give 100% of everything I am in everything I do and to work hard at it.  I still miss him so very much to this day.

Part of what I like to capture in my photography images is what my father and I started doing when I was a wee little one.  We would travel around the countryside in southwest MN looking for abandoned houses and farmsteads.  To this day, the excitement of seeing these abandoned or neglected properties is beyond any words I could write.  He would remind me that there are stories behind these places and sometimes, we would make up our own.

I am fortunate to have found someone who can share the excitement of back-roading with me.  Dan is well… caring, supportive, fun, open-minded, clever and a very talented man.  I could go on and on but someone’s head might not fit through the door 🙂 He has a way to make me smile… always.  The way that he sees the world is captured in his blog at

My parents may not have been the best photographers (as seen in the scanned images), but I adore them!  And yes, at times I may still be messy and sport an occasional bandage or two 🙂

Both of my parents encouraged me to see the beauty around me and Dan is here at my side, opening my eyes a little farther.
The next few series of blogs of mine will be of the photography adventures that Dan and I have ventured on this year as we travel along the countryside.


5 thoughts on “The story behind the images

  1. “at times I may still be messy”?? Ahem… 🙂
    How have I known you my entire life (OK, since I was 1 1/2 anyway since I’m a little older) and not have seen these photos or heard these stories?! I love the one of you and your mom! And I miss your dad very much too. He absolutely had a way to make you laugh. I have fond memories of our parents getting together for card night and laughing themselves sick while us kids played till we passed out. 🙂

    • cynnermack says:

      Well Karen, someone had to move off to East Bethel 🙂 When we were little we had to rely on our parents to bring us together; hence the lapse in time of our knowledge of each others doings 🙂 Once we gained a drivers license, we were no longer apart. I am very lucky to have life-long friends like you guys! I too remember those late nights when we were children and all of the fun times we had. I look forward to all of the memorable times we will make in the future as well 😉

  2. Kris Larson says:

    Wow, great post Cynd. I never knew some of those things you mentioned. Great memories for sure. Love the photos too!

    • cynnermack says:

      Thanks Kris! Memories burned into our minds is the instrument that we can go back on and reflect; specially when the memories involve someone who is not here to share with us any longer. There are so many other great memories that I wish I could share…maybe someday! My mother is super proud of the image of her 🙂 Ohhhh how she could get me back!

  3. Laura Maxwell says:

    Very touching – well done. Brought a tear to my eye as it made me sad.

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