July 4th, 2012 – Firework Celebration

Everybody go ooooooh, everybody go aaaaaahhhh…
We, as photographers, love to capture the beauty around us and the show that fireworks put forth in the night sky certainly fits that description.  Although those bright, colorful explosions can be tricky to capture when you are shooting in the darkness; a little planning and simple execution is all that is needed.

This July 4th, Dan and I celebrated the night with a group from the Red Wing Photography Club.  We had the advantage of viewing the fireworks display on an upper floor balcony overlooking the mighty Mississippi River in Red Wing, MN. A couple of different techniques were used that night; shot in “bulb” setting with manual focus set to infinity, 100 ISO, f10-f22, exposures ranged from 6 – 60 seconds.

4 thoughts on “July 4th, 2012 – Firework Celebration

  1. Your shots are as shiny, sparkly and raidant as you are sweeite. It was a great evening of shooting.

  2. Really beautiful shots Cyn!

  3. Everyone is a keeper. Really wonderful captures. As always!

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