Keep Your Eyes Open

This is my first post and a HUGE thank you goes out to my family, friends, the Red Wing Photography Club and my partner in crime.  Dan, thank you for constantly pushing me forward and opening up my eyes a little father to the world around us. I am fortunate enough to have someone by my side on our photography outings; someone to share the world with is beyond amazing.  Not to mention that he has my back when I get to engrossed in photographing my images 🙂 Our outings are always an adventure and for that I am eternally grateful.

It is a different world when you live life behind the camera and I tend to view ordinary objects in a different light.  What may seem disorganized, debilitated, or crumbling to the “passer-by” can be considered “art” by a photographer. To see the beauty in everything around us is what I, what we, strive for. To jump in the car and drive – passing by objects that you have seen a million times, but have not noticed is an eye opener.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that is the beauty of photography. Keep your eyes open folks!


7 thoughts on “Keep Your Eyes Open

  1. Kathy says:

    It is always helpful to have someone by your side that can point out things that you have missed. You have good eye to catch those daily things we seem to walk by without taking in the beauty and love the touch of color! Good job. 😉

  2. Congrats on entering the exciting world of blogging! 🙂 I’m follooowwiiinngg yoooouuu. But not in a creepy stalker way. Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing your beautiful images! Love ya babe!

  3. Laura Maxwell says:

    You are so fortunate Cyndie to have such a supportive collaborator and partner in crime for your outings. Good luck in this new venture. I know you will do well 🙂

  4. You definitely have an eye for an extraordinary image; the light, colors, contrast, and detail is always spot on. It has been a grand adventure thus far and I look forward to many many more (especially when the yard is complete). I always look forward to something shiny and also the old decrepit, dilapidated building and structure we have a knack for running into and in and out of. Wonderful shot honey. Post some more 🙂

  5. artsmith7 says:

    Some mighty fine images — very well done

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